Even the thought of getting a soothing and calm massage starts making our muscles relax! From ancient times to this day, massage still acts as a unique relaxation tool that helps you get rid of all your tiredness and takes you into a world of calmness and serenity.   

Here you can browse the various massage packages we have. All our massage packages include two variants- one with oil and one without. Choose the one that best fits your need! 


Release your tension of the day, and dive into serenity while we massage your head with slow and gentle strokes.

Head & Shoulder Massage

Get your head and shoulder- both massaged at once. Reduce your tension and just relax!

Leg & Foot Massage

A unique relaxation procedure, leg & foot massage not only relieves fatigue, it also leaves leg muscles and the body in tone.

Leg & Foot Massage with Oil

Get your legs and feet massaged with oil- an incomparable experience that will soothe your legs and body.

Back Massage

Massage performed on the back can be a good way to end the day- especially if you're tired and want to relax.

Back Massage with Oil

Get your back massaged with oil, soothe your back and release the tension.