Your beard is like a tree. A beautiful tree whose leaves grow over time, and well-timed trimming of those leaves makes the tree look healthier and fuller. Beard is one of your best assets, one that complements your good-looking hair. Regular beard trimming will make you look more elegant.   

We trim your beard according to your need. Everyone’s beard is different and have different needs and growth rate. Personalized care is therefore paramount when it comes to trimming beards. We take care of your beard for you.    

Beard Trim & Lineup

We all know how important it is to keep your beard game on point. Keep your facial hair in check with us, and take on the world looking your best!

Beard Style & Lineup

Be it a scruffy style to complement your sleek hair, or the bandholz style to add a little bit of grit to your look- we're always here to help you nail your beard style!

Men's Hair Cut & Beard Trim

This package includes both haircut and beard trimming. Get your beard trimmed to complement that beautiful looking, freshly trimmed hair of yours!

Men's Hair Cut & Beard Lineup

This package includes both haircut and beard styling. Get your hair trimmed and beard styled to look like the leading man you are meant to play!